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Winston Kingstro Art Exhibiton @ Invasion Halloween Party

Winston Kingstro The Knight & Queen Headshot
Adam & Eve
122 loins Red
Jahi & Winston Wisnton King at Work


Winston Kingstro
Winston Kingstro
The Artist

Winston Kingstro's Biography

Winston Kingstro, grew up in Altadena California, art was his passion and a way to use his imagination and express himself. As a child he would often visit Jirayr Zorthian, a famous Turkish artist and painter, who lived in the Altadena mountain’s.  Winston’s parents came to California, from New Orleans and worked as live in help for Jirayr Zorthian during, the early 1940’s. Growing up Winston was often inspired by Zorthian’s art, and would often visit him at his home.  Zorthian became a well known artist, while participating in Franklin Roosevelt’s WPA projects for artists, he painted many renown murals across the Eastern and Southern United States. He also painted many wonderful modernist paintings, propaganda paintings for the army, and was very interested in architecture, helping children, and horse ranching.  Winston derives his inspiration from Zorthian and has created many pieces of late, which can be viewed below.  His abstract modern approach to art is very unique and compelling.


Jiyar Zorthian
Winston Child

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Rihanna & Winston Kingstro Jr.

Peace Tree